"Life's journey begins with beauty, grows with love and ends with a legacy..."


The "Style and Image" brand was launched in 1996 with a vision to produce hair products that will protect, repair and restore hair. The products are manufactured with botanical extracts and natural oils that are known to assist hair growth and to make hair soft and beautiful.

Our products are used by people with all types of hair textures and for all types of reasons: hair problems can result from various factors, namely, the use of strong chemicals, dyes, hot irons, stress, diet, lack of certain vitamins & minerals, etc. This can result in dry, dull, hair; falling hair; itchy scalps with dandruff; and damaged hair.

"Spreading love through beauty"


hair x-10 shines - 300 ml

Hair X-10 Shines - 300 ml

pink oil - 350 ml

Pink Oil - 350 ml

classic relaxer - 125 ml

Classic Relaxer - 125 ml

moisturising oil sheen spray - 350 ml

Moisturising Oil Sheen Spray - 350 ml

"Unveiling the hidden treasures of beauty using God's gifts...."
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The Birth of True Beauty

Be ready for the new you! Yes, "Style and Image" Hair Care Products are becoming a source of inspiration for the modern woman, on the playground or in the staffroom at school, at campus, in the boardroom, at the party, and in fact, wherever you go.
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With our products being used by celebrities, as well is Salons throughout Africa, the world must prepare to embrace this brand which is well on its way to taking centre-stage.
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Because Your Hair is Your Image

Style & Image is being used by people with hair problems, with normal beautiful hair just for protection, and to apply to hair extensions, wigs, etc. These people realise that your hair is your image.

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"Your inner beauty lies hidden in your heart...
The secret to your external beauty is Style & Image..."